Advise on Dealing With Conflict and Networking against Violence in Communities

We offer communes that are interested in working on their current local conflicts, conflict analyses, conflict counselling, mediation and trainings over several days. Since we have intensively accompanied the development of several communal networks against violence in North Rhine-Westphalia, we know that networks against violence don't function standing-alone. But impulse and support from outside advisors make a big contribution to their success.

Dealing With Conflict In the Neighbourhood

How is it possible to strengthen conflict skills in communities and districts and to initiate as well as accompany peace processes in deprived areas?

For two years we did research with 14 European peace organisations and co-organised two conferences in Germany. The publication "Conflict Handling in the Neighbourhood" presents the  results of this process and the seven most important examples from four European countries.

Thérapie Sociale

The "Thérapie Sociale", a method to heal broken neighbourhoods, was developed in the Banlieus, the French suburbs. When social coldness, despair and cultural ghettoisation threaten the peaceful living together, it is necessary to actively support the dialogue and conflict handling between young and old, new immigrants and long-time residents, between institutions and people. The "Thérapie Sociale" teaches people to talk to each other who never thought communication amongst them would be possible. They learn intercultural competences. They take their own decisions how they want to live together and how to develop the neighbourhood in accord with social institutions, politic, organisations and companies.

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