Non-violent Conflict Resolution - Abolish Armament and the Military

The BSV advocates for the abolition of armament and military and takes part in current campaigns of the peace movement against armament, military and combat missions. This includes for example the engagement in the initiative Aktion Aufschrei against the export of weapons and other military equipment from Germany.

With the concept of social defence the BSV propagates an alternative to military national defence. With the concept of nonviolent intervention the BSV shows how crisis and violent conflicts in other countries can be handled without violence.

In Afghanistan and elsewhere the German government likes to emphasize the "vital role of the civil components". But in fact almost all resources go to the military.

Therefore together with other peace and development organisations we demand until 2020 to provide more resources (people, money) for civil peace work than for the military.

Lectures and Speakers’ Tours

We are happy to visit your peace group, church, school, etc. and give a presentation about current peace political developments, projects of nonviolent peace work or alternative concepts to current combat missions.

Possible topics:

  • Alternatives to military

  • Nonviolence

  • Peace work in regions of conflict (Israel/Palestine, Sri Lanka, Philippines...)

  • Alternative concepts to current combat missions (Iraq, Afghanistan)