Nonviolent Intervention in International Conflicts

The BSV is also internationally active in nonviolent intervention in conflicts.


The BSV supports peace organisations and non-violent initiatives in

  • Belarus
  • Turkey: Stop the Cycle of Violence in Turkey! Under this motto, we are running two petitions, one in Germany and one at the level of the EU. Together with War Resisters' International and other groups and activists, we have joined a delegation to Eastern Turkey. The report is available here.

Wars and violent conflicts all over the world often make us feel helpless, but there are options to counter these problems. We are convinced that conflicts can only be solved on site and by the involved parties themselves, but often external help is able to support local peace initiatives effectively.

International peace workers can offer protection in areas of conflict, arrange information and contact, offer trainings, accompany threatened people or offer neutral locations where people from different sides can meet.

BSV is engaged in strengthening German peace initiatives and is involved in the European Network Civil Peace Services EN.CPS

BSV supports the worldwide NGO Nonviolent Peaceforce that sends international peace workers on a large scale to areas of conflicts.

In the past, the BSV has already run projects on