Since 2005 the BSV supports educational work against violence and civil rights initiatives in Belarus. Here the idea is not to export democracy, but to support the self-organisation of nonviolent groups.

A democratisation from the bottom can result in developing an emancipated and nonviolent society.

"Our House" for civil rights

Also in a dictatorship political commitment is possible and necessary. The movement "Our House" has formed groups in 15 cities since its foundation in 2005, to represent the interests of citizens against governmental institutions so that they can live democracy. 

At Our House's suggestion and pressure several cities resumed the maintenance of entrance halls, installed bus stops and asphalted streets.

Education against violence / interactive learning

Together with our Belarussian partners, an independent training organisation and the urban institute for teachers continuing education (IPK) in Minsk, a course in constructive conflict handling for teachers was designed in 2006, and advanced education in mediation techniques supported by the BSV.