Guiding Principles of the Federation for Social Defence (BSV)


Impulses for pacifist politics and a nonviolent society 


If it is true that the majority of the people want to live a life based on peace, freedom and justice, than it is an obligation to remove all the hampering obstacles and to bring forward all the ideas and actions facilitating such a life.


The BSV is a professional association for nonviolent politics and constructive transformation of conflict. The concepts of social defence and nonviolent action constitute the quintessential core of our peace initiative. They give us incitement and motivate our work and projects in social and political contexts. Our goal is to rethink and to enhance those concepts to create new stimuli for a constructive culture of dealing with conflicts.


Spreading the Notion of Nonviolence


We are convinced that in the end peace can only be achieved and established with nonviolent means. That´s why we initiate and support tangible ventures committed to a civil nonviolent approach to international conflicts. 


We are looking everywhere, in private life, job, politics and society, for intelligent examples and patterns of nonviolent action in different situations of life so that we can build on them. In our printed and electronic media we pass these experiences on.


We orientate ourselves on the basic ideas of non-violent action when it comes to developing strategies and making practical steps towards positive dealing with civilian conflicts in everyday life and/or in economic, social and educational organisations. Our educational work aims at supporting those ambitions.


We trust in the power of nonviolence for the reduction of violent and military potentials. Because we want to build a world without war and armament, we promote nonviolent and non-military approaches to conflict settlement and transformation.


The Journey Is the Destination


Appreciating diverse resources and competencies,  we cherish and use the abilities and expertise of specialists. Professionalization in this context means:  staff supporting and bundling the activities of  volunteers, thereby creating free spaces for engagement and absorbing impulses from the member basis and political environment. Especially important for our success are people who contribute through their knowledge and creativity on a (semi-)volunteer basis. 

In our team work and in the collaboration with partners from other organisations we practice what we demand to happen in  politics: openness, grassroots democracy, participation, nonviolence and humanity.


Open for new methods and the willingness to learn: In the BSV learning processes play an important role - continuing education for political action and collective efforts to design and to develop new forms of policies and politics strengthen and motivate our members. In constructive discussion we substantiate and sometimes alter our ideas and aims.

We adjust our projects undogmatically, flexibly and process oriented towards changing realities.


Empower the people, who empower us


People who advocate like us for a human world, trust and support us. They donate money or material and thus enable us to do our work.


We understand that as a special obligation to carefully and thrifty allocate our resources with a high level of transparency towards our sponsors.


We bear in mind the vision of a nonviolent world.


We are certain that the paths towards that designated destination can be walked and that the barriers can be overcome – step by step.