The board of the BSV consists of two co-chairs and up to 5 other members. The current board members are:


Outi Arajärvi, qualified in social economy, born 1954, is in on the BSV board since 2007. She is active in the German working group of the Nonviolent Peaceforce, since the foundation of the NP she represents the BSV in the European bodies of the NP and was elected to the International Council in 2008 as a European representative. She works as an academic project assistant at the Institute for applied Cultural Studies in Göttingen, furthermore she is a coach and trainer for project management and intercultural communication.  Her thematic priorities are the European and international cooperations and nonviolent interventions in international crises areas.

Stephan Brües, born 1965, ethnologist / political scientist / technical and science editor; resident in Wiesloch near Heidelberg; for many years a full-time employee of the DFG-VK, since 1996 a member of the BSV; editorial coordinator of the campaign reader “Social Defence”; member and coordinator of the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) work group in Germany; focus areas at the BSV: NP, pacifism and military criticism, BSV 2.0 and public relations.

Other members:

Georg Adelmann, lives in Bremen and studies psychology.

Andreas Dieterich, political scientist, born 1983, is on the BSV board since 2012. During his study of Political Sciences with the subsidiary subjects Cultural Geography and European Ethnology, he came in contact with the BSV after absolving a basic seminar in non-violent and constructive conflict management. Then he completed a three months internship at the office in Minden and since that time he is bound with the BSV. Currently he works at “Brot für die Welt" – the protestant developing service in Berlin.

Ute Finckh-Krämer, mathematician, born 1956, lives in Berlin. Since many years she is voluntarily engaged in the peace movement and she is a founding member of the BSV.

After being the co-chair of the BSV for many years, she stepped down in that position after becoming a MP in the German Parliament for the Social Democrats. She was co-opted to the board in March 2015.


Sebastian Grieser. Social scientist, born 1989 in Munich. From 2010-2013 he studied intercultural relations in Fulda. He came to know the BSV through a 3 month internship. Since 2012 he is a member of the working group on gender  & peace. He is currently based in Bielefeld where he continues his studies. He was coopted to the board in October 2013 and was elected regularly in March 2015.

Elise Kopper,  born 1986, lives in Essen. She studied political sciences, peace studies and law at the universities of Münster and Bradford Hat an den Universitäten Münster und Bradford. Currently she is working on a research project on German politics of civil conflict prevention. She co-founded the working group on gender and peace and joined the board of BSV in March 2015.

Renate Wanie, Heidelberg, born 1948, longterm staff member of the Werkstatt für Gewaltfreie Aktion, Baden. She joined the board in March 2013. She is an educator and trainer for nonviolent conflict transformation and nonviolent action. Other topics of hers are power, consensus and nonviolent intervention. She conducted several trips to international crisis areas.
For many years she has been a member of the Cooperation for Peace and is currently a speaker of this umbrella of the German peace movement.
Locally, she works in the "Heidelberger Friedensratschlag" and is a board member of the One-World-Centre in Heidelberg.
She will soon be retired.


Christine Schweitzer, Co- Executive Secretary, born 1959, founding member of the BSV. She is a social anthropologist by training, gist and in 2009 she finished her Ph.D in Coventry (England) with a thesis on non-military intervention in the area of ex-Yugoslavia. For many years she was active in the management of German and international NGOs, including the Balkan Peace Team and recently the Nonviolent Peaceforce. As a staff member of the Institution for Peace Initiative and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution ( she authored various studies and evaluations on the topic of civil conflict management and non-violence. Furthermore she is an editor of the bimonthly journal Friedensforum

Sarah Roßa, Co-Executive Secretary and coordinator for Belarus, born 1984, political scientist with focus on civil society and social movements (Master of Arts, June 2013). Sarah works on the Belarus projects with the BSV since 2008 and since April 2013 she is chief executive. She has conducted four project monitorings in Belarus and accompanies the Belarus-Cooperation of the BSV with project management, public relations, moderation and facilitation services. Furthermore she is a trainer for moderation in different political and project groups.

Sine Kranich, Minden, is responsible for administration and finance.